The simplest and clearest way to display your allergen and dietary info

Bin your lengthy allergen folders, give your guests confidence and serve them faster

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What is Dietary Menu?

Your customers deserve easy access to what they can and can't eat. You are legally obliged to provide that information.

Your own branded mobile website to clearly filter vegetarian, vegan and allergen friendly food.

For You:

Save time sending out updates to stores

Make sure all stores have the right information, at the right time

Eliminate almost all printing costs

Let your guests do the bulk of the work

For Your Customers:

Easily get the information they need

Feel reassured you take allergies seriously

Access allergen information directly from their phone—no awkward allergen folders

No embarrassment, no misunderstandings and no time wasted.

Why use Dietary Menu?

Improve your guest experience

Give your guests the information they need, both in store and in advance. Give them confidence in seeing what is safe for them to eat.

Record an audit trail

Keep a full audit trail of your allergen information. Know what information was displayed and when. Keep EHO's happy when they visit.

Keep all stores in sync

Don't worry about whether each site has the latest printed version of your allergen matrix. All sites have the latest version, instantly.


Your questions, answered.

How do I upload my allergen information?

Let's make life easy - just email your allergen matrix (PDF or spreadsheet) and we'll get it uploaded. Want to make changes? Make them directly from your business dashboard.

How do my guests access Dietary Menu?

To make it quick and easy, your customers will go to - where X is your site number. Print it on your menus, add pop up cards to your table, link to it from your website - the possibilities are endless!

How will it look for my company?

Your Dietary Menu site will be branded with your company logo. The menu names, sections and individual dishes will match your menu exactly.

How long does it take to get started?

We can be up and running in hours - send a message through the form below and we'll get you up and running.

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